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Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

The Minimal style is a clean aesthetic that is perfect for showing the beauty of textures and colors, as well as highlighting favorite decorative art. That’s why Minimalism is quite perfect for Christmas: the senses focus on beautiful decor without being overwhelmed. From a soft red cashmere throw to the grain of wood in a decorative Santa sled, visitors can appreciate the quality of your simple Christmas decorations and the care you put into choosing and displaying them. Two bonuses when you decorate for Christmas in the Minimal style: you save time and you (could) save money. Read on to learn how to decorate your home Minimally this holiday season.

Characteristics of a Minimal Christmas Style

To achieve the minimal effect, it may be unnecessary to buy new products and to buy a lot. The key is simplicity - sticking to the essentials, using just a few items and knowing how to position them for a full look.

  • Simple. Choose items that have simple designs and styles so that each item is seen clearly in its entirety. Minimalism allows for items to showcase every detail, line and curve.
  • Plain. By “plain”, we mean keeping things fuss-free. Choose a picture with one reindeer instead of eight, and buy three of those and group them together. When multiplied, this plain picture of a reindeer creates the illusion of fullness and allows the viewer to appreciate the artistry.
  • Color themes. Choose one or two colors and use different shades in your Christmas items. For a blue and white color them, use varying shades of blue like baby blue, periwinkle, powder blue and accent them with items in white and/or silver. Although there are several shades, this harmony of color creates a soft, clean look.
  • Christmas tree. Choose prelit Christmas trees as these trees come with lights, which gives the tree an uncluttered look. Instead of having wires dangling from the branches, these trees are designed with hidden wires.
  • Few. Choose and use only a few items that make a statement. See the “plain” example from above.
  • How to achieve a maximum effect with a few Christmas items

    We all have a few things that we can’t live without during the holiday season, and some of them are not exactly classified as Minimalist, due to some parts or the whole item itself. However, there are ways to incorporate traditional Christmas items such as wreaths, garlands, and bells. Here are a few suggestions to attain simple Christmas sophistication in the home: Christmas tree profile. Go for artificial Christmas trees that have an outline that suits your existing approach to Minimal style; folks who have a geometric approach to Minimalism may want to choose a tree of an alpine variety, and those who celebrate the clutter-free aspects of Minimalism but exhibit a lot of softness in their decor will like a tree with a more traditional profile.

    Christmas tree location. Wherever you put your artificial Christmas tree, ensure that the tree is the focal point. For example, if you put a tree in the living room and there is a fireplace, keep the fireplace mantle simply adorned, so the focus remains on your tree.

    Christmas ornaments. These are in the same color family as your Christmas decor, and ideally are in a few consistent shapes, such as globe, teardrop, spiral, or diamond. Depending upon the severity of your Minimalist style, put more or less Christmas ornaments on the tree.

    Garland. A holiday classic, many people consider Christmas garlands to be just as important as the Christmas tree. To stay within Minimalist guidelines, choose a garland that is either in your color palette, has an outstanding feature to it (e.g. is decorated with berries), or is made of a unique material such as feathers, tinsel, or vines.

    Wreath. Wreaths are perfect for the Minimalist style: They have a simple geometric shape, are made from a variety of materials, and can be decorated in any way. Christmas wreaths always evoke a sense of warmth, so no matter how it is decorated, an artificial Christmas wreath hanging on your door creates a welcoming atmosphere.

    Nativity set. The Nativity set should echo the room’s decor. For example, if the room is done completely in white and accented in taupe and features natural fabrics, consider a Nativity set done in artful papier mache and painted in an accent color. Place the set where it can be admired.

    Christmas stockings. Each member of the family, human or animal, usually gets his own stocking on the fireplace mantle. This important Christmas tradition can be successfully implemented in the Minimalist style by choosing stockings in your color palette, either all one color a variety of colors. As stockings are decorative, they can also be a focal point of a room’s decor.

    Bells. Bells are traditional Christmas decor, and are often heirlooms. Each heirloom bell has a different look, so it is recommended to establish bells in groupings of three or five depending on size. This grouping allows for each bell to be admired, and they won’t disturb the peaceful effect created by your Minimalist style – unless they are rung, of course! Any grouping of Christmas bells in this number, no matter their style or color, adds depth and interest to a Minimally decorated home.

    Key to Minimalism

    Remember that the key to achieving the Minimalist look is simplicity. Take a few items, choose a color family, and thoughtfully spread those items throughout your home. Almost any Christmas item can be used to achieve the Minimalist style, but success depends upon how those items are used. Keep things simple to celebrate the beauty of the chosen pieces, and in doing so you display a clean style, have less items to store, and could possibly save yourself some money. The benefits of Minimal style Christmas decor are manifold.

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