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5 Reasons to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

Every year, the debate on whether to get an artificial Christmas tree instead of a real one happens even before the holiday season officially begins—and for a good reason. Christmas happens only once a year, and it’s important to have only the best Christmas tree at home.

Long-term investment

Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is a one-time expense with plenty of benefits. Artificial Christmas trees are made to last for a long time, thanks to their durable materials. Plus, their cost can be amortized. A quality artificial Christmas tree from Christmas Tree Market™ costs about $300 and can last several years when properly cared for; if you typically spend $50 per year on a tree but decide to purchase an artificial one, then you get a return on your investment in six years.

With the exception of the real pine scent, artificial Christmas trees these days very life-like, depending upon the quality of the tree. The branches and needles of modern artificial Christmas trees are soft, lush and lifelike.

Fire retardant

Safety is always a deciding factor when buying a Christmas tree and holiday decorations for your home. While some people dispute the safety of artificial trees, they are typically sprayed with a fire retardant; check the box or the tree to ensure that it is indeed fire retardant. Real Christmas trees can be a fire hazard if they dry up and have prolonged exposure to heat.


The whole point of getting a Christmas tree for the holidays is to enjoy the festive season with family and friends. However, if you are susceptible to allergies and asthma, which can be triggered by the spores of a real Christmas tree, then the season won’t be as merry. An artificial Christmas tree means that everyone in your home will be allergy free for the rest of the season.

Easy set-up

Real Christmas trees undoubtedly look gorgeous, but they’re a hassle to bring home. You first need to pick one that’s perfect for your home space, cut it down, bring it to your car and drag it inside your home. Sticky sap messes up the floor and needles fall everywhere. Talk about getting stressed on a holiday season!

Artificial Christmas trees do exactly the opposite. They are mess-free and fuss-free. There’s no need to water them, plus they come in a pre-lit option, which means you don’t have to untangle Christmas tree lights. Some artificial trees also come with hinged branches which can be easily folded for storage. That makes clean up after the holiday season a cinch.

More options

Artificial Christmas trees also come in many different choices that make the Christmas season merrier. Whether you like them full or narrow, unlit or pre-lit, artificial Christmas trees always create a festive ambiance in any home. You can also have them in any color you want—pink, red, white, black or silver—to make a stunning statement in your Christmas decor.

An artificial Christmas tree is beneficial to have in your home. Create a lasting impression this holiday season by choosing trees that mimic the wonderful beauty of Nature, ultimately save you money and reduce stress!

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