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Replacing Christmas Light Bulbs

Every year, people look forward to setting up their artificial Christmas trees for the holiday season. It is a cherished tradition, anticipated throughout the year and greeted with excitement. From colorful adornments and sparkling Christmas lights, itís always a great time!

However, things donít always turn out as merrily as we hope them to be, especially when there are busted Christmas lights. Some lights get damaged in storage, while others are simply defective to begin with. Even pre lit Christmas trees are not spared from this.

Since it would be expensive to buy a new set of Christmas lights every time the bulbs go out, it helps to know how to replace those bulbs. Hereís how:

Look for the burned bulbs.

Modern prelit Christmas trees now come with professionally strung lights that remain lit even if one bulb goes off. The easiest way to spot burned bulbs is to plug the strands into an outlet and see which bulbs donít light up. However, you can still check defective bulbs even if the lights are unplugged by looking for ones that are darker than the rest. Once you have located the damaged bulb mark it somehow, such as putting masking tape around it.

Unplug the strand of lights before removing individual bulbs.

For safety reasons, all light strands must be unplugged before removing the bulbs to prevent electrical shock.

Wedge out the bulbs using a cutter or any thin, firm and flat object.

If there are only a few bulbs that are not working, you could probably use your fingernails to remove each light. But if you are looking at a handful of busted bulbs, itís best to use a flathead screwdriver or light bulb puller to pry out the bulbs.

Place the new bulb in the socket.

After removing the old bulb, slide in the new one and make sure that it is fastened securely into place.

Plug the light strands to see if the new bulbs work.

To check if the new bulbs work, plug the light strands into an outlet. If the bulbs still do not light up, check that they are pressed firmly into place.

In case the lights still donít work, check the fuse to see if it is the one thatís defective. Prelit Christmas trees come with an extra set of fuses and bulbs, which tree owners can use to replace the damaged ones. The fuse protects the light strand circuit from overloading. You can replace the light fuses by popping the tab on the plug open and removing the old fuse.

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