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Quick Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Whether real or artificial, a Christmas tree deserves a perfect set up. Decorating the Yule tree (often represented by evergreen coniferous tree) is a tradition that started in Germany back in the 16th century, and is still very much alive today.

Here are 9 tips on decorating the perfect tree:

1) Whether you decorate your artificial Christmas tree by theme or decorate it as an organized mish-mash of ornaments, have a picture in your mind of what you want it to look like.

2) Clean your artificial Christmas tree and shake off the dust before attempting to set it up.

3) As a rule, this is the ideal order when decorating your Christmas tree: put the festive lights on first, then garlands, then the ornaments and the tree topper.

4) When you are using a real Christmas tree, it is important to maintain its freshness all throughout the season. A dry tree will not look good, so frequently water it, and trim the branches when needed.

5) When putting on the lights, work your way from the inside out. Begin by assembling the lights on the branches nearest to the Christmas tree base. Arrange the strings of lights along the inside branches, then weave through the outer edges.

6) Get that perfect look by adding extra depth and interest on your Christmas tree. The trick is to place your ornaments inside your tree and don’t just hang them on the tips.

7) Experts advise that you hang about 20 filler ornaments for every two feet of Christmas tree. “Filler ornaments” are small, simple ornaments that literally fill the space between your keepsake ornaments. These can be purchased almost anywhere. It is important to arrange the filler ornaments evenly- spaced around the tree.

8) Mix up special themed or collectible ornaments between the basic ornaments. The rule is to use at least 10 special themed ornaments for every 2 feet of tree. As you collect more on the years come, you will have to compress and adjust the distances of your special themed ornaments.

9) Depending on your theme, you may use your own creativity by incorporating personalized or artistic touches to your tree. Other people prefer to have everyone in the family participate in making their own ornaments for the tree in the form of garlands, tinsel, candy canes, family photos, lanterns, artwork, etc.

With these tips, your Christmas tree will be picture-perfect in no time!

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