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How to Store Christmas Ornaments

When the holiday festivities have come and gone, itís time to face the job of taking down your Christmas ornaments and storing them for the next holiday season. Undoing your Christmas decor requires care and patience, especially when you pack them away. It doesn't help that bringing down your ornaments means that Christmas is over! With this system in mind, the tricky task of keeping your holiday decor safely packaged for next Christmas is a simple and straightforward chore. Here are a few tips on how to store Christmas ornaments.


Christmas ornaments are treasured objects because of their sentimental value. The first step in making sure that cherished ornaments are kept in good condition is to remove them in an organized manner. Take down ornaments one at a time, starting from the Christmas tree and then moving on to the wreaths, garlands, and other ornaments on the mantle or door. This way, you can store ornaments that go on the tree all together,making it easier to redecorate it next year. Take utmost care in removing the ornaments, keeping in mind that "slowly but surely" is the best method to employ.


Sort the ornaments by their material, keeping breakable and non-breakable decorations separate. Glass ornaments and other delicate items need to be stored more meticulously and should be kept together.

Check the ornaments for any breakage or damage and choose which ornaments can still be used next year, and which ones need to be thrown away or donated to charity. This way, you'll save on storage space and be able to plan out the new ornaments you want for the coming holiday season.


After making sure that all ornaments are free from dust and damage, the next step is is to store them securely. Choose containers that have lovely Christmas designs to make them a decorative item aside from being a storage container.

Many ordinary containers can be used to store ornaments. Use plastic boxes with easily removed lids for storing breakable ornaments. Make cardboard inserts to prevent the ornaments from moving around and protect them further by surrounding them with shredded paper or tissue. Cover the ornaments with bubble wrap before closing the lid. Opt for clear plastic containers if you want to see the contents without opening.

Cardboard boxes can be used to keep non-breakable ornaments, but make sure to protect them with shredded paper or bubble wrap. Bucket containers are also a good option as long as the ornaments have proper padding.

Christmas lights can be coiled around the cardboard core of kitchen paper towels to keep them from tangling. For more ideas, read our article on storing Christmas lights.

Label all storage containers, including important details such as the number of ornaments and the style or colors, to inform you their contents at a glance.


If you don't have any spare boxes or containers, you can buy Christmas ornament keepers to do the job. Unlike regular boxes, ornament keepers have small compartments lined with soft padding, making them an ideal choice for delicate decor. Wreath and garland keepers, as well as Christmas light cases with winders, are also available in a variety of styles and shapes.


With all the ornaments safely kept in their proper place, all that needs to be done is to find the perfect storage place. Remember that the ornaments must be protected from moisture, high temperature, and direct sunlight.

The best place to store the ornament containers is in closets and cabinets far from heat-prone areas like the kitchen. Wreaths cases can be hung at the back of closet doors while ornament containers can also be placed in storage areas under the bed.

These simple steps on how to store Christmas ornaments help keep your precious trimmings, and the memories that come with them, safe and ready for the next Yuletide season.

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