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Hanging Christmas Decorations: Where to
Hang Wreaths, Garlands, and Swags

Next to Christmas trees, the most popular Christmas decorations are wreaths, garlands and swags. Having graced homes for hundreds of years, these decorations have their roots in Pagan traditions which today translate into signs of warmth, welcome, and bounty. Whether made of natural or artificial materials, pulling Christmas wreaths out storage signifies the start of Christmas. Here are some practical ways and efficient practices for hanging Christmas decorations, and ideas on where to place them.

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Christmas swags Christmas swags are usually made of (artificial) leaves, pine cones, lace, fabric, or anything that symbolizes Christmas. These items are held together by thread, wire or adhesives to create a teardrop-shaped bundle that usually hangs lengthwise. They are best on doors, and sometimes on walls or stairs railing posts depending upon size. You can install swags using a nail or hook if you don't mind making permanent holes on walls and doors. If you want to avoid damaging your walls, you can use over-the-door wreath hangers or heavy duty plastic hooks with sticky tape backs.

Christmas garlands Christmas garlands are similar to Christmas swags, but they are longer and can be hung crosswise. Due to their bulky nature, garlands have limited use, but they still look fantastic on stair railings or balconies. Fresh flowers, leaves and other natural items on a Christmas garland are beautiful and creative additions, but the drawback is decay.

To avoid the hassle of cleaning decayed leaves, consider artificial Christmas garlands. Artificial options have the extra benefit of lasting for several years with proper care, which saves time and money. Whatever option you choose, use floral wire or coated wire to securely attach garlands anywhere. These are the best methods, but adhesive tapes or Velcro may be used for flat-back artificial Christmas garlands. Because of their bulky size, garlands are also placed along baseboards for a very traditional look.

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Christmas wreaths Christmas wreaths are the most symbolic and versatile of Christmas decorations. They represent eternal life, and adorning them with circular objects like berries or pine cones stand for strength. When decorated with pomegranates, the wreath indicates wealth and prosperity. Christmas wreaths can also be adorned with candles to symbolize hope in the coming spring. Those who wish to place candles on their wreath should use artificial Christmas wreaths in place of natural ones. Unlike dry natural wreaths, an artificial wreath lasts for years and has a protective coating that makes it fire-resistant.

Traditionally, wreaths are hung on the front door or used as table centerpieces. They can also be displayed at entryways, over mirrors, in front of dormant fireplaces, and displayed on small stepladders. Keep the wreath is in place using sticky hooks or door wreath hangers. As centerpiece decoration, it may be held in place with heavy-duty adhesives.

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