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5 Christmas Light Safety Tips

Decorating the tree with Christmas lights is a long-standing tradition in many homes. To ensure that this year’s holiday season will be filled with fun (and not with worry!), below are safety tips for setting up Christmas lights.

Choose the right Christmas lights for your tree

Christmas lights come in different options. You can have them clear, multicolor, LED, or in traditional styles. Whichever you choose, it’s important to know whether or not they are appropriate for your Christmas tree. Some lights are rated for indoor use only, while others are safe for outdoor use. Make sure to read the package or the label of your Christmas lights before purchasing them. Look for the lights that are “UL or ETL Approved”, which means that the lights are tested safe for use.

Inspect Christmas lights for damage

Busted lights are inevitable, especially if you have prelit Christmas trees. Some lights get damaged in storage or in transit, while others are simply defective to begin with. Faulty lights are a safety hazard, and it is important that you check every wire, bulb, and fuse to ensure that your lights pose no danger. Before purchasing your Christmas lights, look for frayed and exposed wires, broken bulbs, and loose connections. If you’re buying online, you may not immediately see product defects until you receive your order, but you can always ask for replacements if your lights are malfunctioning.

Do not overload power strips with Christmas lights

While holiday lights look spectacular when strung together, it is unsafe to plug them all on a single power strip. A power strip or extension cord can hold up to three sets of lights at a time. Plugging more than what is recommended will overwork your power strip. Use multiple extension cords when necessary to avoid fire hazards.

Never hang Christmas lights on metal trees

Metal trees are a great alternative to sprucing up your holiday décor, but they can also be dangerous when draped with Christmas lights. A metal tree can become charged with electricity which can electrocute anyone who touches the tree. It can also make your lights short out which could lead to fire.

Turn off Christmas lights when not in use.

As with any kind of appliance, Christmas lights should be unplugged when not in use. This will not only help you save electricity, but will also prevent your holiday lights from overheating.

Safety should always come before aesthetics. If you are unsure of what to do with your Christmas lights, call a qualified electrician who can help you out with your concern. Keep your holiday merry and headache-free by observing these Christmas lights safety tips. Enjoy the season!

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