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Christmas Decorating with Ribbons

Ribbons are the perfect Christmas ornament: They're cheerful, inexpensive, versatile and readily available. Below are some tips on decorating your beautiful artificial Christmas trees with a flurry of ribbons!


RIBBON PRACTICIALITY There is much to consider when buying ribbons to decorate your tree.

What is the theme of your holiday decor? Your Christmas tree is the foundation for this decor, and the ribbon complements it. A traditional tree will support red, green, and gold in either solid or plaids, and can be in a variety of finishes; avoid toile as it tends to get 'lost' on the tree. A beach-theme tree will look great with simple white or beige ribbon, which maintains the beautiful but no-fuss look. In short: Choose your ribbon colors so that they complement your holiday decor.

Substance also plays a role. Christmas ribbon should be in a size that is in proportion to a tree's height and width; 1-inch ribbon is lost on a 9-foot tree, for example.

The next question is, "How much do I need?" You should know how you're going to use your ribbon. For example, if it's going to be the garland, then an easier way to measure is to take measuring tape and wind it around the tree in an approximation of how you plan to space the ribbon.

Best places for ribbon are craft stores and fabric stores; it may also be worthwhile to hunt around the internet for a good deal!

Accentuating your Christmas tree Classic Christmas trees are typically adorned with Christmas lights, ornaments, figures and candies. All of these sport colors that blend together on the tree. As mentioned earlier, ribbons come in different types according to size, pattern, material, and design. More than elegance and color, ribbons add shape to the Christmas tree.

You may choose to use one or a combination of more than two ribbons that you can strategically place around your tree. By doing so, the tree's form and shape are emphasized.

Ways to use ribbons as a decoration Once you already have a design in mind, visualize it by making some samples. Sometimes, these experiments yield excellent results. The good thing is that ribbons are much easier to move around than other ornaments!

Ideas You May Want to Consider in Designing Your Christmas Tree
GARLAND This is done by loosely wrapping the ribbon around the tree. To effectively accomplish this, start at the back of the tree near the bottom branches or at the treetop. Wind the ribbon around the tree, ensuring that spacing is even and that there is plenty of room for ornaments. In this case, the more space the better.
DRAPE With draping, ribbon strips are arranged to flow from the top of the tree to the bottom. Most often, five or six lines of ribbon are used to accent the tree's form.
BOWS Traditionally, ribbons are shaped as bows. This may be done in various sizes and colors. Make sure that the center of the bow is securely held in place by floral wire or other transparent wire.

Use these guidelines to accent your beautiful Christmas trees with ribbons, a traditional touch to holiday decor. However you choose to use them, ribbons are an easy, fool-proof way to add color and class.

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