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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

It's the merriest time of the year - Christmas time!

We all have loads of things to do, and once the holiday season starts creeping around the corner, our errands and tasks don't get any lighter. As we anticipate the coming of the yuletide season, we also dread the amount of time, energy and money that we have to allot to making Christmas time a memorable event each year. There are plenty of decisions to make: what type of tree to buy, which pieces of décor to use, what Christmas theme to use, etc.


So, for a fun change in routine - let's leave the job to the children! This way, we're hitting three birds with one stone: you get to give them an avenue for their creative minds to work, the holiday decorations get accomplished, and you get to spend some good quality time with your precious little ones. Agree to hold a regular holiday art session with the kids - it could be weekly, every other day or any arrangement that suits the family schedule. You want the products to be finished and used as the holiday rush builds up and in time for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Eve. Your role is to provide them with the materials that they need and can't produce, guide them when they have questions, and supervise as they cut and paste away.

Here are some delightful activities that are sure to get your children's creative juices flowing!

Christmas card printouts Today, children as young as 2 have no trouble using the computer to play games or surf the web. We can put this skill to good use to create Christmas cards and tree decors. All it takes is a computer, a printer, any type of white or colored paper, colored markers, puncher and string.

Let your child search for Christmas images from computer program templates or the internet. There are hundreds to choose from! It could be a picture of a snowman, a Christmas tree, a reindeer, Santa Claus- anything! Save the picture in Paint program and crop according to the size that you want. Cut it and paste into a Word document that's set on landscape and make sure that the picture is positioned on the right half of the paper so you can fold it to form a card once its printed.

You can also use Christmas cards as tree ornaments. Print the Christmas graphics in smaller sizes and cut out the shapes. Punch a hole at the top of the paper, enabling the string to go through it. Form a knot and hang on the branches of your Christmas tree.


Recycled Christmas ornaments Almost all households have at least one box of old ornaments that are gathering dust in the attic. Instead of throwing them away, shake the dust off and find a decorative bowl to place them in. Let the kids experiment with colors and textures as they place the ornaments in the bowl and create the perfect centerpiece.

Handmade Christmas Cards and Banners A child's imagination is full of magic and has no boundaries. These fanciful ideas are great for sharing in the form of Christmas cards or banners. Provide the kids with colorful paper, markers, and paint, and allow their artistry to transform into handmade greeting cards! Your loved ones will surely appreciate the personalized touch on these presents. Put them up on the wall above the fireplace and make an interesting conversation piece, or hang tiny version on your artificial Christmas tree for a sentimental effect.


Handmade Christmas tree ornaments This holiday project involves a trip to the craft store, but is definitely worth it after you see the finished product. Buy a variety of scrapbook materials like colored yarns, tiny buttons, ribbons, or corrugated boards. Spread these materials out on the table and let the kids create any shape, animal, or Christmas character using the materials you gave them. This will require potentially dangerous materials like scissors or a hot glue gun, so make sure the kids remain supervised throughout this activity. Punch a hole and string a colorful piece of yarn on each ornament before hanging them on your tree branches.

Christmas balls from push-pins This innovative Christmas décor is sure to amaze you and your guests once the finished products are displayed! All it takes are multi-colored corkboard pins, Styrofoam balls, and Chenille stems in various colors. Carefully place each pin on the Styrofoam ball until the surface is completely covered. Using the different colors, you can create patterns or form a rainbow. Make sure to leave a tiny spot for the Chenille stem to go through the ball and serve as hanger. Aside from using them as tree ornaments, you can hang your new Christmas balls on garlands!

There are limitless possibilities to involve children in holiday decorating and hopefully these suggestions ignite great ideas in the whole family.

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